Four anti-violence marches with yearly ceremonies for families and committees that lost loved ones to tragedy.

26 school presentations under prevention and awareness, including skits and panels on HIV, Bullying and Gang Prevention.

30 showcases throughout the Tri-state area.

56 Dance Performances.

17 Fashion Shows.

                                                                                                                                             5 years of cable television empowering the community on Channel 75 on Fridays @ 9pm.

33 Stop the Violence Lets Get A College Education Showcases throughout the Tri-state area.

12 performances at The New York Apollo Theatre Dancers and Singers.

36 Young Adults went from Jumpstart to College from urban areas.

Movie with a message called " Think Twice Little Gangsta "  (Youtube Trailer) filmed state to state.


Boys 2 men - Girls 2 Women

Mentoring & Counseling Program

Workshops & Training

Drug & Alcohol Awareness

Job Readiness

Life Skills


Character Development

Anger Management

Group Counseling

Health & Wellness

Communication Skills

Accountability / Responsibility

Goal Setting

Bully Awareness

Gang Prevention

Drama Workshops  

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